Pet Accident - Urine Odor and Stain Removal

Pet stains, pet vomit, pee or poop we can treat it!



Pet Accidents are a part of Life - Pets are part of the family 

Have you noticed how many of us own pets? Some of us own more then one and it's hard sometimes to keep our carpet clean. Pet vomit, pet urine, odors and stains ...its just part of the "beauty" of owning a cat or dog.  Most of our clients are pet owners who call us to deodorize and get rid of their pet related issues.  

Our trained staff will come to your home and with you, assess the extent of the problem.  We will then find the best way to clean the stain and treat the odor.

The most important thing is act quickly.  


For pet odors there are two things that we can do:


1.  Light to moderate odors - Apply a powerful deodorizer to the top of the carpet - deodorizer is applied to long the top of the carpet allowing the deodorizer to penetrate up to the base of the carpet fibers.  This method kills the bacteria that causes the odor but does not penetrate to the underlay.  


2.  Heavy pet odors - If the stain and odor are deep, then an enzyme is applied to the area and allowed to penetrate to the backing and underlay of the carpet.  Then the spot is flash extracted - this is a tool the sucks out all the moisture that was applied.  The area is then thoroughly rinsed until no stain is left.  A deodorizer is then applied. 

In extreme situations, it may be necessary in some situations to remove the carpet pad and clean the underside of the carpet and deodorize the subfloor.  



Enough With The Talk….Question…

Are you sick of urine stains!  Or worse, how about the smell? Are you spending to much time cleaning up the mess only to realize later that our cat or dog has done it again on the same spot? If you answer is yes then it is time to call H & M Carpet Care.   We can treat the urine stain and to eliminate these concerns forever. 


What If My Situation Is So Bad You Can't Help.....Then What?

 We will offer some other options that can!  We don't make promises we can't keep.  Don't hesitate.  Call us right now at 780 456-3644 and get the results you deserve